Shindico is pleased to announce that Sandy Shindleman has been invited to become a member of The Counselors of Real Estate.

As respected real estate specialists in the industry, Counselors of Real Estate work on complex projects, effectively run real estate businesses, and are known for innovation and creative solutions. They provide unbiased real estate advice that is in the best interest of the client or employer.

The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) is an international organization with a strong American base and a global reach, with a presence in 20 countries world-wide.  Members who hold the CRE credential are senior real estate decision makers; they are a diverse, seasoned group encompassing a variety of backgrounds – developers, investors, appraisers, attorneys, financial experts, portfolio and pension fund managers, architects, etc. The organization is known for thought leadership, extraordinary professional reach, an uncompromising commitment to high ethical standards, and objective identification of the issues and trends most likely to impact Real Estate now and in the future.

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