Shindico agrees with Inquiry Officer’s recommendation

A public hearing was held on December 15 and 16, 2014 at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg regarding the expropriation of the fire/paramedic station lands located at 1780 Taylor Avenue. The city proposed to expropriate only Parcel A, leaving Parcel B (a small triangular parcel of land) orphaned from Parcels C, D, and E of the current owner (Shindico). 

During the hearing Shindico presented the following objections to proposed expropriation:

  • Not expropriating Parcel B leaves a small triangle of land with no utility to it and an obligation to pay realty taxes, bear carrying charges and be exposed to potential third party liability.
  • Parcel A also includes a 5 foot strip of land south of Parcel B (east of the fire/paramedic station) which would effectively eliminate the legal right to access the lane to the east of the fire/paramedic station and therefore access to the rear of the adjacent Scoop N’ Weigh property as well as the Shindico’s property south and east of the fire/paramedic station (Parcels C, D and E).” (please see attached diagram)

Mr. Michael Green, the inquiry officer at the hearing found merit to Shindico’s position and proposed a potentially equitable solution that would have Parcel B being left with Shindico but moving the proposed eastern property line of Parcel A five feet to the west, with ownership of the strip of land remaining with Shindico.

Shindico agrees whole heartedly with Mr. Green’s recommendation as it is beneficial to both parties, leaving Parcel B with the current owner Shindico but allowing unhindered access to the east of Parcel A to both the adjacent property owner (Scoop N’ Weigh) and Shindico’s lands to the east and south.

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