Seeing our forest for the trees

As Winnipeg's trees drop their leaves and brace themselves for another winter, the full effects of the city's tireless battle against Dutch elm disease has revealed itself once again. Trees resigned to their ultimate fate wear an orange dot of paint like a scarlet letter, and significant gaps can now be seen in the once-continuous tree canopy that rises above many of the city's neighbourhoods...full story

Winnipeg's Enoteca named one of Canada's best new restaurants

Enoteca, which opened in August 2014, is the second Winnipeg restaurant operated by chef Scott Bagshaw, who also runs Deseo on Osborne Street and is opening a third establishment, Maque, on Stafford Street...full story

New Power Smart program for Manitoba's small businesses to lower utility bills

Thousands of small independent businesses across the province, from family restaurants to small retail shops, are expected to participate in Manitoba Hydro's new Power Smart* Shops Program aimed at lowering energy and water bills, Jobs and Economy Minister Kevin Chief said today...full story

‘A future of participation over isolation’: Harper praises vast Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

Canada has signed on to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which creates the largest trading bloc in the world. The federal government will also spend billions of dollars to support Canadian farmers as part of an accord that will have immediate implications on the election campaign...full story

Canada reaches sweeping Trans-Pacific trade deal

Canada is joining a massive Pacific Rim free trade zone, but has sacrificed some long-held protections for the country’s dairy, poultry and auto industries to gain entry...full story

Furniture store revived, on the move

Brick's Fine Furniture isn't closing after all. Instead, the shop will move down the street to a storefront on the main floor of the Ashdown Warehouse, beside Hermanos Cocina Mexicana restaurant -- a space about half the size of its current 10,000 square feet...full story