A Realtor welcome at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

At the entrance of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, there is a Realtor welcome recognizing the real estate community’s $2 million contribution to the national centre for human rights education...full story

A Cut Above

They are two chefs of exceptional skills and creativity, and both have worked their way up from their original four-star ratings, through 4½ to the ultimate five...full story

Out and about in Manitoba

During my travels this week, I learned of two local Winnipeg businesses that made the holidays a little more special for some local children...full story

City a tech-expansion hub

New consortium makes U.K. trek as a group for summit...full story

Future bright for Manitoba's economy, says Conference Board

The Conference Board of Canada says that Manitoba is expected to be among the top provincial performers in 2016 and 2017...full story

Going to Winnipeg: Manitoba capital's winding streets offer up hidden gems

There’s a Russian novel lurking underneath Winnipeggers’ cheery, down to earth demeanour. Thanks to an economy that’s been about as flat as the surrounding landscape since the turn of the 20th century, it’s a city that has historically been filled more with literary old souls — songwriters (John Samson, Crash Test Dummy Brad Roberts, Neil Young, Christine Fellows, Randy Bachman), novelists (Miriam Toews, Kevin Patterson,  Margaret Laurence, Pulitzer-Prize winner Carol Shields), CFL sportswriter icons — Cactus Jack Wells, Jack Matheson — than megabucks...full story