Tenant Spotlight: Evoluir Hair Salon

Many business owners took a hit during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, especially those in the personal service industries. Hair stylists, nail technicians, tanning salons, and many others have been shut down multiple times – putting a halt on their income streams and stopping thousands of customers from receiving their favourite services.

Shindico's Top Chef Driven Restaurants to Watch in 2021

With the latest wave of the pandemic slowing down, Winnipeg residents are now able to enjoy the city’s wide variety of restaurants and cafes. Restaurants were severely affected by COVID-19, especially those that are locally owned. At Shindico, we believe in the importance of supporting small business owners in our community. When heading out for your next dine-in or take-out experience, consider some of our favourites – we are sure you’ll love them!

The Can’s and Cannot’s of Cannabis Retail

Cannabis became legal in Canada in 2018, and with the new legalization came different laws and regulations for each province and territory. As of June 1, 2020, Manitobans were able to apply for a licence(s) to open their own cannabis retail stores. Although some of these new applicants had robust retail experience, many new candidates were new to the world of retail all together. As a result, landlords have been presented with a mixed bag of prospective cannabis tenants over the last year and a half.

Looking Forward to a Great 2021!

It has been quite a year! When 2020 started it was not envisioned that we would be living through a world-wide pandemic. At Shindico, we were planning for another busy year, working with clients to find them the ideal space for their business, bringing new properties to market and expanding our footprint in multi-family development. The world changed in March. Lockdowns to protect the public from COVID-19 sent economies spinning and governments scrambling to provide supports to businesses and individuals alike. Despite all these challenges, we have persevered and the outlook for 2021 is optimistic. There are several vaccine options coming to market that offer hope of wide-spread immunity and experts are predicting a strong rebound in the economy.

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