A Foodie’s Paradise: Which Restaurants are Opening in Winnipeg

Some eat to live. Others, like ‘foodies’ (food enthusiasts), live to eat - expanding their palette any chance they can. Since Winnipeg hosts a wide variety of popular ethnic and fast food restaurants, we’ve become Manitoba’s central grub-hub. This makes Winnipeg a foodie’s paradise. Not only are entrepreneurs thriving, but large chain restaurants are reaping the benefits as well. Weekly you hear of new restaurants setting foot in Manitoba for the first time, or of existing chains opening additional locations.

In August, Winnipeggers got a crispy treat - Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen opened their first Manitoba location in Seasons of Tuxedo. Featuring a menu filled with Cajun inspired dishes, Popeyes offers something new for fried-food fanatics. Included on the menu is a Cajun-themed poutine, mixing American and Canadian culture.

Want something that’s affordable and tastes great? Alfy’s Noodle House might be your go-to...everything on the menu is under $10 (before tax)! Shortly after their grand opening at Waverley Plaza in July, Alfy’s quickly gained a positive reputation with their energetic and professional staff. The owner, Alfred Wang, is well known for his top-tier customer service and friendly personality.

If you have a large appetite but aren’t a fan of fast food, Chosabi is an eatery with a unique concept you will fall in love with. Chosabi creates a foodie’s dream-a sushi roll so large, you eat it just like a Mexican burrito. Dubbed the ‘sushi burrito’, this restaurant is famous for this interesting twist on a popular Asian dish. Already in Winnipeg, they will be opening a new location along with Oh Doughnuts and Freshii  at Grant Park Festival.  Other restaurants, like Dairy Queen (Corral Centre, Brandon) and Fast Fired by Carbone (Morningwood Plaza) are opening additional locations in the near future as well.

With the increasing demand in the variety of food Winnipeg has to offer, we can predict more companies will follow these examples.  If you want more info on opening a restaurant or any other commercial real estate related inquiries, contact Shindico at (204) 474-2000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We succeed by helping others succeed.

Sandy Shindleman, CCIM, SIOR, CRE, FRICS, CIPS


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