Canada’s Changing Retail Environment, Part 2 – Shaping Development

Welcome to the second part, of our four part series on Canada's Changing Retail Environment. We will be exploring the current trends in marketing and development for retail and how these changes are affecting Canada and Manitoba. If you missed last week's blog, you can view Part 1 - How Retail is Changing here. 

In addition to retail changing, development can be shaped through innovation and experience. Retailers are becoming more innovative by providing efficient and convenient online services.

Recent innovations from major retailers

Due to the presence of the internet, behaviours are changing, resulting in retail changing across Canada. Traditionally, consumers shopped in stores but now retailers are leveraging the bricks and mortars concept. Customers can now purchase groceries online and avoid the in-store shopping experience at some retailers. Millennials are adapting to these newer trends better than Baby Boomers, who rely more on in-store service.  With time the Baby Boomers will likely appreciate and adapt to how the world is changing.

Furthermore, consumer experience is vital and can be enhanced through dining, movies and technology. 

Trends in consumer spending

Check back next week for Part Three of the Canada's Changing Retail Environment series, How Retail is Changing in Canada.

Sandy G. Shindleman
President & CEO 


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