Can You Deliver “World-Class” Service? Part II

In my last blog, I left off with the dangling question, “What would it take to achieve that level of expertise and success?”  I was referring of course to “World-Class Service”.

Of course it goes without saying that one has to have a very high level of industry specific knowledge. But there are countless examples of people who really know their stuff yet wouldn’t be considered capable of delivering “world class service”.  There are other intangible forces at play here.

If you could somehow magically take all of the successful attributes and attitudes from the best-of-the-best in virtually any industry in the world and distill them down to a few key points, what would they be?

Here’s the list I came up with:

  • Positive Attitude - Now I don’t mean walking around with rose-coloured glasses on thinking that every problem could be solved with a smile and a song.  No, I’m talking about a very powerful and persuasive belief that virtually every obstacle and objection can be overcome with the proper application of energy.  It’s the power of that belief that enables someone to continue to persevere and push through each and every barrier as they present themselves.  It’s like the inevitability of water carving out the Grand Canyon.  It will eventually get done – all it takes is continuous motion.
  • Take Action – This has proven to be one of the most obvious of traits that I have encountered when exposed to “world-class” individuals.  It doesn’t seem to matter what the issue might be or the particular task at hand, they simply don’t sit still and contemplate life in hopes that a solution will present itself.  They take action.  Massive action.   It may not start out along a perfect path.  It may not even seem to be in congruence with the desired outcome at first, but it’s action.  It moves things forward until situations can be guided back to a successful conclusion. 
  • Focus – A few years ago I came across a quote which said, “Even a professional photographer using the most expensive camera on the market can’t take a photo as good as the one I can take with my disposable camera from the corner store – IF – he is not allowed to do one thing, and that is “Focus”.  Now in this current age of cameras in our smart phones, this quote has almost lost its relevance, but you get the idea.  We are constantly bombarded through a multitude of sources at rates that are staggering.  Phone calls, emails, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a million and one other social media sites, the internet, TV shows galore and on and on.  The consummate professional delivering true “world class service” finds a way to block out life’s interminable interruptions.  They seemingly bounce off them like rain drops off an umbrella.
  • Discipline – And finally a trait without which none of the others would have much impact.  “World Class Service” providers have instilled in themselves a spirit of self-discipline which fuels their Positive Attitude, pushes them to massive Action, and shields them from distractions so they are able to Focus on whatever challenge or opportunity they face.  This is probably the rarest of traits and one that is forged into our very souls but can, I believe, be developed and strengthened over time if you work hard enough at it.

Now I have to use some self-discipline to get back to focusing on my real work…

Ken Jones
Office Tenant Representative


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