Have you tried the Deliciousmosttastious Bacon Cheddar” burger at Nuburger?

What if I told you there was a burger available in Winnipeg made with wagyu beef, black truffle brie at the centre of the burger, topped with bacon coated in maple syrup and hickory smoked duck egg covered in a gold leaf? Well there isn’t. The burger I just described costs $2,250, and is only available in London, England. But we do have the “Deliciousmosttastious Bacon Cheddar” burger, which is the next best thing. On it, there is “double-smoked free-range nitrate-free candied bacon, Bothwell cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and low fat herb mayo” – thank god for that low fat mayo. The best part? It only costs $9.45 – and to be honest, I’d take candied bacon over smoked duck egg any day.

 NuburgerThis burger can be found at Nuburger, a healthy and gourmet burger shop who recently celebrated their four year anniversary at their Osborne Village location this past June. Everyone living in Winnipeg has eaten at Nuburger at least once, and each person will say that it was the best burger they’ve ever had in their lives. As a result, Nuburger has decided to expand their business and open a second location at Kenaston Crossing on the corner of Kenaston and McGillivray.

NuburgerNuburger’s beef, chicken, bison, and pork are all raised within Manitoba’s borders, and the veggie burgers are made with all natural ingredients. Nuburger has also been named one of Canada’s Greenest Restaurants by LEAF (Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice), and they are continuously doing amazing charity work.

Working with Nuburger was a great experience. I always look forward to the opportunity of working with young entrepreneurs. It’s very easy to work with a brand in which you believe in what they are doing. I was a Nuburger customer long before I met owners Kyle and Marc. Being able to look at different real estate opportunities through the eyes of a customer is very valuable. One thing is for sure, I’ve been eating hamburgers well before I learnt how to sell and lease commercial property.

Looking for Nuburger’s second location was a fun task but one that required lots of patience.

NuburgerWe knew it was time to target southwest Winnipeg and cater to a market that did not have a food offering of this kind. I believe we found a home run location at Kenaston Crossing. This 2,283 sq. ft. restaurant is adjacent to a very busy Sobeys and will have a first class patio right outside their front door (something that’s missing at the Osborne Village location).

I believe that over the past several years Shindico has done a great job of bringing new and exciting restaurants into an area of Winnipeg that was once farmland. Boston Pizza, Swiss Chalet, Nuburger, The Keg, and The Original Pancake House are all terrific additions to the area.

Nuburger on Kenaston will be opening later this fall and I’m looking forward to my Drunken Aussie burger with Yam Friesl! Visit them online at www.ilovenuburger.com for all the latest updates.

Nuburger: Healthy. Gourmet. Awesome.


Dino Alevizos
Sales & Leasing