Preserving Our Heritage

Shindico undertaking historical renovation of iconic office asset.

Work began on the restoration of the Confederation Life building on June 1, 2017 to preserve the distinctive cladding of this significant building and upgrade the interior systems to provide tenants and visitors the same comfort they would expect in a modern building. Several repairs will be performed including:

Orangetheory Fitness at Grant Park Festival

Well, I completed my first work out at the beautifully-developed Orangetheory Fitness at Grant Park Festival the other night (great work Dino Alevizos!!) and, it was probably the hardest workout I’ve ever done! The peer pressure (I was there with two much younger girlfriends), was motivating, yet would have been a factor in my death had I dropped dead of a heart attack :) 

Winnipeg Skyline

So what if Winnipeg was compared to being as cold as Mars? Or if the coldest temperature recorded was -47.8 C. Or if we are home to the longest skating rink in the world that freezes naturally. Winnipeg is the city that everyone loves to hate, but that hatred is purely based on our winter temperatures. Take that away, and Winnipeg is a great city. If you can get used to the odd chilly day, then I suggest you find a business new to Winnipeg and open here. Winnipeg opportunities are a well-kept secret of which more people should take advantage.

Daniel Woodall

In early June, Const. Daniel Woodall was shot and killed after trying to fulfill his duties in Edmonton. He, along with his partner Jason Harley, were sent to the house of Norman Raddatz – a man who had previously been at the forefront of anti-Semitic hate crimes – in order to serve an arrest warrant.