Why Do Business with a CORFAC Firm?

If you can’t beat em, join em.

When you are a privately held, local Commercial Real Estate Company, it’s extremely valuable to create relationships across different markets. Expanding your reach and gaining this competitive advantage will help your team secure new business and retain existing clients. The ability to reference, or call upon a contact in New York, Houston, Chicago, or even Monterrey Mexico proves that you are heavily invested in your business. If nothing else, you’ll have someone in almost every major market to take you out for dinner whilst you’re on vacation.

CCIM 102 Course

While poking around on LinkedIn a couple of years ago, I discovered a program called the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member). At the time, I was living in Toronto and didn’t know anyone that had taken any of the courses or completed the designation. All I knew was that it featured a series of classes on real estate investment and development – the topics that I was most interested in learning about. After doing more research, I decided that I wanted to take the courses in the next few years.

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Private Office?

A growing trend in the world of corporate office leasing is the concept of eliminating the old standard of individuals having their own private offices and instead leasing space that is predominantly wide open. And we’re not talking about just the rank and file or middle managers giving up their prized offices; we’re talking senior management and even in some cases the President & CEO.

Walmart under construction at Grant Park Pavilions

I was trying to think of what I could talk about in our first blog, when I remembered sitting at my desk the other day, looking out the window and seeing all the trucks driving on Taylor to and from Grant Park Pavilions.  Not pick-up trucks, but large dump trucks, cement trucks, front-end loaders – machinery going to work.  People working.  It made me think about all the jobs the Grant Park Pavilions development is creating.