A Glass Act: G is for Glasses

Dr. Jessie Fillmore and Ms. Bonni O’Hara opened “G is for Glasses” at Grant Park Festival – 1170 Taylor on June 24, 2014. Jessie graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in May 2009 and worked in private clinics until she, and her cousin Bonni decided to open their full-scope, modern optometric practice and retail store.

Bonni is a very stylish mother of three whose career has been predominantly in the realm of retail management. Bonni has an exceptional flare for design and merchandising and is largely responsible for the eclectic and ever-changing displays in the retail store.

When asked what their goals were in designing and developing their uniquely different optometric practice and retail concept; Jessie and Bonni were in sync with their response: “We want everyone to feel like family when they leave.”

The atmosphere is comfortable and fun. The two women are focused on providing an environment where patients, clients and customers feel relaxed and welcome during their exemplary customer service experience. The retail surroundings reflect the fun and dynamic personalities of these two entrepreneurs.

Wide selection of eyewear brands availableJessie and Bonni choose eyewear brands and companies who share the same or similar values they have for their business. Most, if not all, of their brands are supplied by independently-owned companies with long histories and philanthropic ideals. Jessie and Bonnis’ mission is to “give back to the community” and they migrate to eyewear companies who share the same ideals.

For example, TOMS, the shoe company which provides a pair of shoes to an individual in a developing country for every pair of shoes purchased; has extended the program to eyewear and promises to “give sight” for every pair of TOMS eye glasses purchased. TOMS will either ‘give sight’ by providing a pair of glasses or a surgical procedure to an individual in a third-world country for every pair of glasses purchased.

MOSCOT is an eyewear company which is a fifth generation, family-run business that turns 100 years old this month. They are an eyewear staple in New York City whose reputation was built on quality, style and design. Fortunately for us here in Winnipeg, this industry leader evolved into the wholesale market two years ago and now even non-New Yorkers can purchase their stylish eyewear.

Other great brands they retail include: SALT, Barton Perreira, Andy Wolf, Shuron, and Victory Optical.

While Jessie and Bonni are modest and quick to compliment other independent eyewear retailers in the city; one only has to enter the stunning and vibrant retail area to know….this one is just a cut above the rest.

Stephanie White Willitts, B.A., M.E.S.
Commercial Real Estate