Is your HVAC equipment being properly maintained?

HVAC equipment is typically one of the biggest investments a retailer makes in their space. A consistent and comfortable temperature is key to driving sales as customers are more likely to leave, than shop, if they are too hot or too cold. As a result, engaging a professional mechanical company to perform routine service is a good idea. Below are three advantages to doing so:

7 Reasons Winnipeg is a Great Place for Your Business

When most people hear the name Winnipeg the first thing that pops into their head is “Winterpeg”. Yes, it can pretty “cool”.  January and February are no strangers to -40 degrees.  We can get a lot of snow. Yes, we do have to plug-in our cars. No, polar bears don’t roam our streets, but if you head north to Churchill, Manitoba, there may just be some there.

Movements & Trends in Manitoba Commercial Real Estate 2017

The Real Estate Institute of Manitoba held its 32nd Annual Forecast Luncheon on January 26th at the RBC Convention Centre. The distinguished panel included Sandy Shindleman from Shindico, Rick Bachalo from The Great West Life Assurance Company and Don White from Colliers International.

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