Shindico adds project to Polo Park megaplex

The city's largest retail developer, Shindico Realty Inc., is building a 14,000-square-foot, multi-tenant retail complex...full story

Shindico Opens Doors with Information

Intel powers network & mobility solutions for data sharing...full story

New pool busy on opening day

The Shindleman Aquatic Centre is making a big splash with local residents on its first day of operation inside the PCU Centre...full story

Shindleman Aquatic Centre open for business

A steady stream of swimmers filed in to test the waters in the hours following its opening...full story

Demolished strip mall the start of changes in Polo Park area

The tenants of the strip mall at 870 St. James St. were relocated to other nearby locations during the past few months to make way for a parking lot for Pro Hockey Life...full story

CJOB at ex-Arena/CTV site

Construction will start next month on the long-delayed redevelopment of the former CTV/Winnipeg Arena site at Polo Park...full story