Commercial Real Estate Podcast - Focus on Winnipeg with Sandy Shindleman of Shindico

“There is no bulletproof tenant” says @SandyShindleman , President & CEO of @Shindico. We discuss the Winnipeg market, managing a large retail portfolio and where to find outperforming returns in the future...listen to podcast

Moscow Pioneers

A 1991 CCIM class in the Soviet Union opened the door to a new industry…full article

Growing appetite for Boston Pizza

Winnipeg’s Enright family continues to expand its Boston Pizza franchise empire in Manitoba, with the scheduled opening next month of its 16th location…full article

The Winnipeg advantage: We're all in this together

In Winnipeg, we’re a talented and hard-working bunch. Our workers – both born and raised Winnipeggers and those who have come from elsewhere, have a proven track record of their commitment to this city…full article

Ply Gem sets up in CentrePort

A new tenant is setting up shop and an existing one is expanding into larger quarters at CentrePort Canada, Manitoba’s inland port and free-trade zone...full article

Two Distribution Companies Increase Their Capacity at CentrePort

Two distribution companies have moved into expanded space at CentrePort Canada to fill a new multi-tenant building at Brookside Business Park...full article

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