How do jobs effect our taxation base?

Currently, commercial assessed values are determined using the income approach. If a tenant pays higher rent, the property will pay higher taxes. If the property has vacancy, it will pay lower taxes. As rent is a function of sales, a business’s ability to pay rent is correlated to individuals’ disposable income. Ultimately job creation and growth helps drive this disposable income pool.

Maybe It’s Time to Move

Imagine if you will, your business located in an office where the atmosphere reflects the corporate culture that you have been striving to instill in your employees and promote to your clients.   In space that actually functions well; where key personnel can interact effectively and collaborate like never before.   Where building operations embrace “Green” initiatives to actually help the environment instead of wasting resources unnecessarily.  Where natural light is allowed to flow into the entire space rather than reserved only for the privileged C-suites.

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