The Fresh Carrot

I like to think of myself as a healthy person.  I watch what I eat, and enjoy healthy amounts of fruits and veggies.  I try to limit those delicious but pesky carbs.  Some would even call me a meat-atarian for how much I love meat. Eating organic however, isn’t something I’ve tried or had any interest in. The closest I may have come to eating organic was pulling the carrots out of the garden when I was younger, wiping the dirt away and chowing down on them. Perhaps my hesitation towards eating organic is a lack of knowledge of the health benefits. 

2015 USC Shoah Foundation Ambassadors for Humanity Gala

I had the great pleasure, along with my brother and his wife, Sandy and Diane Shindleman, to attend the 2015 USC Shoah Foundation Ambassadors for Humanity Gala. Held in Detroit, Michigan on September 10, 2015 this year’s gala honored Ford Motor Company Executive Director William Clay Ford Jr., great-grandson of Henry Ford. The event was held at the impressive Henry Ford Museum where one can take a stroll through the history of life in the Americas over the past centuries. The museum itself was worth the trip.


What if I told you there was a burger available in Winnipeg made with wagyu beef, black truffle brie at the centre of the burger, topped with bacon coated in maple syrup and hickory smoked duck egg covered in a gold leaf? Well there isn’t. The burger I just described costs $2,250, and is only available in London, England. But we do have the “Deliciousmosttastious Bacon Cheddar” burger, which is the next best thing. On it, there is “double-smoked free-range nitrate-free candied bacon, Bothwell cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and low fat herb mayo” – thank god for that low fat mayo. The best part? It only costs $9.45 – and to be honest, I’d take candied bacon over smoked duck egg any day.