The Importance of Having Good Neighbours

Not only is it important to have good neighbours where you live but even more important for your business.  When you are in a strip mall and have neighbours on the other side of the wall from you, having a bad neighbor can be the difference between a thriving business or a struggling one, especially if you are in the business of serenity. 

Why Should You Invest in Manitoba?

Located in the centre of North America, Manitoba has one of the most stable and diversified economies in Canada. With a land size of almost 650,000 square kilometres, Manitoba is twice the size of the United Kingdom and is home to a population of 1.3 million.  The Capital city, Winnipeg is home to The Forks National Historic Site, The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, The Winnipeg Jets, The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, The Winnipeg Goldeyes, and often times during the winters months it is “colder than mars” – although we have some of the warmest people in the Country, after all our licenses plates say “Friendly Manitoba”. Winnipeg is also home to CentrePort Canada – a 20,000 acre inland port in Winnipeg – offering opportunities for distribution centres, warehousing and manufacturing. Centreport’s Foreign Trade Zone program can help companies manage cash flow and inventory through deferred duties, sales tax relief and duty-free storage/distribution facilities

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