Maybe It’s Time to Move

Imagine if you will, your business located in an office where the atmosphere reflects the corporate culture that you have been striving to instill in your employees and promote to your clients.   In space that actually functions well; where key personnel can interact effectively and collaborate like never before.   Where building operations embrace “Green” initiatives to actually help the environment instead of wasting resources unnecessarily.  Where natural light is allowed to flow into the entire space rather than reserved only for the privileged C-suites.

Preparing Your Property For Winter

As October rolls in, property owners start thinking about winter, and what needs to be done to prepare. Doing preventative maintenance early in the season can help avoid costly repairs and incidents once the cold strikes. Our property management team does a number of inspections in addition to making adjustments to services. Below are three of the many important things you or your property manager should do before winter.

Why Do Business with a CORFAC Firm?

If you can’t beat em, join em.

When you are a privately held, local Commercial Real Estate Company, it’s extremely valuable to create relationships across different markets. Expanding your reach and gaining this competitive advantage will help your team secure new business and retain existing clients. The ability to reference, or call upon a contact in New York, Houston, Chicago, or even Monterrey Mexico proves that you are heavily invested in your business. If nothing else, you’ll have someone in almost every major market to take you out for dinner whilst you’re on vacation.

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